Dating an alien sims 3

Aliens are not included in the base Sims 3 game. In order to encounter them, you will need the Seasons expansion pack. Keep your Sims awake at night. Aliens have a chance to visit each night between 12am and 4am. It's possible that Sims who are outside in the yard are more likely to be abducted. Set up activities for your Sims outside and have them visit each night. Buy a telescope in Buy mode. Have your Sims interact with it to "Stargaze" or "Look Through" to increase the odds of an alien abduction the same night.

Keeping space rocks in your lot increases the odds of an alien visit, but it's possible that actively collecting rocks or keeping them in the inventory is what adds to the chance of an abduction that night. If you have the Pets expansion, dogs may occasionally find space rocks as well. Wait until sparkly lights appear. When aliens do eventually decide to abduct someone, sparkly lights will appear over a Sim's head. That Sim will start to "Investigate Mysterious Anomaly" and move toward an alien spaceship in the yard, at which point he or she will be abducted. Wait for the Sim to return.

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The "Abducted" moodlet will typically last several game hours, after which the Sim will return. Non-occult male Sims sometimes get the "Unexpected Weight Gain" moodlet immediately after returning, which means they are pregnant. If you are trying to get a male Sim pregnant, save before the "Abducted" moodlet wears off, and reload if the moodlet wears off without being replaced by "Unexpected Weight Gain.

Have an alien baby. If a male, human Sim is abducted and becomes "pregnant," an alien baby will be born 48 game-hours later. You will be prompted to make a decision, and can either send it back to its home world, or raise it yourself. Non-human Sims and female Sims cannot have an alien baby from an abduction. Increase the odds of a visitation. Between about 12am and 4am game time each night, aliens have a chance to land in your yard.

Keep space rocks outside your home and use a telescope to increase the chances of this happening. Smashing pumpkins may give you a tiny additional chance. Pay attention during the game night, and wake up your Sim if you see an alien. Interact with it to befriend it. Once you have encountered an alien, you can contact it at any time as you would any Sim. Invite the alien to move in. Make your Sims friendly with the alien, then invite it to move in to your household. Once the alien is in your household, you can control it as you would any Sim.

Each alien begins with level 10 logic and level 7 handiness, as well as additional benefits described below. There is a special birth certificate you can find in your Sim's inventory after birthing the baby. Despite being male, Sims who have babies via abductions can breast feed. Alien babies have a very, very alarming echo-y cry that can really affect you when wearing a headset. Give the babies what they want and stop that crying ASAP. Alien Life Aliens have the same life span as regular Sims, and must attend school as usual.

When two Aliens meet, they can perform a secret handshake.

Finding Aliens

All Aliens have a disguise, which can be removed, activated, or altered at any time by clicking on the Alien. This will let you change how they appear when using the disguise. If you want to change your Alien into normal Sim clothes without the disguise you have to go shopping. Every Alien outfit looks the same. Sims who meet Aliens can be angered, as though the government should have told them about Aliens. Once they're over it, Sims and Aliens can make good friends or even fall in love and try for baby. Aliens have a special mischief interaction, 'Scare with Probe'. Alien Powers A pure Alien has access to a few powers other than the disguise.

There is a cooldown during which they cannot use their powers afterward, but it's brief:. Alien-Sim Pregnancies This used to be much more complicated but a patch changed that. Male Sims will only get pregnant by abduction, so Alien-Sim pregnancies are now just like normal pregnancies the female gets pregnant via try for baby except that the baby will be a Hybrid.

In order to get a pure alien, both Sims need to be Aliens. Hybrid Aliens It would appear that any pregnancy involving a regular Sim and alien will result in a Hybrid thanks oshizu! A half Sim half Alien does not have access to the Alien powers, but has hair as well as the Alien's unique socials. In order to have a baby with alien powers, you must either get abducted as a male Sim or have two Aliens try for baby. Using the Satellite from the Scientist career is a good way to encourage an Alien visit, now that the rate they are abducted has been reduced by Maxis.

You can also invite Aliens to move in, of course.

The Sims 4 Aliens (Get to Work)

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Dating an alien sims 3

This reveals a few strange quirks with aliens, as their hair styles may vastly change among different outfits. Asewuk for example has long bluish green hair in her nightgown, but is completely bald in her normal space suit. None of this affects how Asewuk actually acts, though. She's a typical Sim in almost every way, other than her skin color and creepy eyes.

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Her Energy meter is replaced with the "Brain Power" meter that decays significantly slower. She restores her brain power in one of two ways: Aliens must have pretty strong teeth! Asewuk also has the ability to transmute any gems or metals into other, possibly more valuable materials with a simple command.

It's not a game-changer, but it may give you some bigger profits, especially if your alien has the Gatherer trait. Asewuk also comes with her own UFO that she uses as her personal vehicle. Not only is it stylish, but it has several functions that make it special. By far its most practical use is standard transportation because when it's used, it instantly teleports Asewuk to her destination, proving once and for all that roads are for suckers.