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Single Atlanta advertises all over the state of Georgia, but you can request to only meet local singles. Prospective clients can complete an online form on the Single Atlanta website, or call them directly to schedule a meeting with a relationship consultant. The amount of information you receive about your match depends on your membership level. For instance, the more comprehensive packages include a pre-screening option, where you can see a photograph of your match before the introduction is arranged.

After the date, you can call your matchmaker to discuss any feedback you have on the quality of the match. Single Atlanta Google reviews were mostly positive, with many clients praising the customer service and their overall experience:. Low quality and lack of matches was also mentioned in some of the complaints lodged with the BBB: However, on Yelp many clients reported being happy with the quality of their matches:.

The women who do contact me are with kids and obviously aren't what I'm looking for.

Tinder vs. Professional Matchmaker: I Tried Them Both So You Don't Have To

My new city is the single mother capital of the U. I'm not against dating someone who has 1 kid, but would prefer to date someone with no kids AND someone who would like to have a family.

I'm an introvert, so meeting women in the bookstore, bar, or grocery store is pretty much out. I've joined meetup groups and that doesn't seem to be a viable option either. Neither is church from what I can tell, though church is big here.


I had a meeting with a matchmaking service in town yesterday. I'd like this to be my last Christmas alone. While the service isn't exactly cheap, it lasts a year, and its approximately 2 introductions a month.

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I looked at a similar service in Atlanta after my divorce and vowed I would use it once I got my career back on track. Well, its finally on track and I clearly need help in meeting the right women. I have until the 31st to take advantage of this "special" the company is offering though she'd probably give me the same deal a month from now. Originally Posted by Atlguy Originally Posted by Ruth4Truth. Post on several online dating sites at once. At your age, the odds are in your favor--there are usually many more women than men.

Cost at One On One Matchmaking

There's no reason for you to be weeded out due to age. There are single, child-free women out there. Career women, for example. I vote for giving online one more shot before forking out for the service. Where are you located, the South?

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Focus on getting date coaching instead, whether in person or studying and improving your ability to meet, befriend, and hang out with women with LTR potential. Because even if a matchmaking service introduces you to a quality woman, ultimately you have to have the personality traits, behavior, and lifestyle to carrying it through to an LTR and maintain it.


Last edited by Dr. Clean; at Originally Posted by Dr. I had a friend who was about to "pop" for one of those services. I forgot if he did, to no avail, or if he did not go through with it. At any rate, he wound up marrying a woman who worked with him. She was a little bit older than him not much and she was Russian, but had been here a while and had her papers in order. They proceeded to have 2 kids of their own. Her 1 child did not take to his new brother and sister, while they clamored for their older brother. It wasn't hostile, just aloof.

Four Single Men and Four Single Women Meet

The biggest problem was that he had a pit bull no, he's a white collar guy because it was a puppy left in their office parking lot and people convinced him that, being single, he should take it home. The dog would growl at the kids when young.

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  6. My gut reaction, despite the demographics, is NO. Even if they match you up well "on paper," it's not guaranteed that the chemistry might be there. You don't need to answer this - but, consider how and where you met your wife, and what the criteria was that caused the deal to go through. You are evidently assertive enough to hold down white collar work and to have gotten married before, so your biggest hurdle is the demographics of the area.

    Meetups pick up too many "random" people and it depends on the topic.