No we re not dating but she still mine

When my mom comes at me like I am protecting you. One because they have children with these men and done a lot of stuff to them but never approach them like she approach me. This pisses me off alot. I want to make my own mistakes. I really love this dude but how do I get away from people who already hate him. In the saying is this is all games but I know he really loves me.

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I really sad, angry and disappointed about all this my mind is crying why me all the time.. It sounds like the situation with your family is so hurtful and we want you to have all the support possible. I can hear how hurtful it is that your mom talks to you differently than your sisters. Every relationship should be healthy, including the ones we have with our families and that includes communicating respectfully, especially about different opinions.

As the expert in your situation, you know what will work best for you. One option that might be helpful to consider could be setting boundaries with your family about your relationship. I am such in a weird situation right now.. Am so exhausted with thinking and feeling so bad about the situation with my boyfriend right now. Thank you so much for sharing your story with our community. It sounds like the changes in your relationship have been so challenging so both you and your boyfriend. It seems like the situation is affecting your relationship at this point and I can hear how much that hurts.

You can reach us by phone 1. So my mom has a problem with my girlfriend ever since my girlfriend questioned why my mom was keeping my credit card. My girlfriend was only trying to help me win the situation over because I am 18 and it was legally and rightfully mine. I really need help, please respond thoughtfully and take into consideration that I feel I have tried so much already, literally. That sounds like such a frustrating situation for you to be in, it is definitely not ok for your mom to treat you like that and to be unkind to your partner.

If you need additional support about this, I would encourage you to reach out and talk with one of our advocates. I know it might seem childish or immature due to our age, but I sincerely believe that with the mutual respect, love and trust that we have we can build a future together. My parents have expressed concern since they realized I was hanging out with him a lot.

I feel that a lot of their concerns are built on prejudice. Thank you so much for being a part of our online community and sharing your situation! That sounds like such a stressful and upsetting thing to go through. That can be such a hurtful thing for you and your partner to experience, and unfortunately, if they are closed off to the idea of being accepting, there may not be a way for you, or him, to change their minds. It might also be important to talk with him about how each of you might feel if their disapproval continues. If you would like to talk more about your situation, please know that you are encouraged to reach out to us, anytime.

Hello, am a muslim girl in relationship with a hindu guy for 5 years. I did not tell my dad about it because i wanted to know my boyfriend and see if our relationship really works or not during these 5 years. As i deduced that my relationship was serious,i decided to announce my othordox dad about that and he was very angry. When i told my dad about my boyfriend, he refused to meet him instantly.

I was very heartbroken. My mum just loves my boyfriend and accepts our relationship. My boyfriend has a good job, just finished building his house, neither smokes nor drinks, well he is what all parents would dream for a potential husband for their daughter. Dad told me that he will never accept my boyfriend because he is a hindu despite my mom trying to reason him.

I decided to complete my course, get a job and marry my boyfriend next yr. Please can you advise me.

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I really really want my dad to accept my boyfriend because he is someone very good at heart. It takes courage to share your experiences and we truly appreciate your openness with our online community. I can hear how hurtful it is to you that your dad refuses to accept or even meet your boyfriend. As our blog post mentions, disliking someone based on factors like race, religion, sexual orientation or appearance is called prejudice. It sounds like your boyfriend is very caring and your mum is supportive of you and the relationship.

Talking with your mum and your boyfriend about the situation might be really helpful, both in working through the stress and taking care of yourself and also, possibly finding ways to talk to your dad about the situation. If you would like to talk more about your situation, please reach out to us anytime.

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We are both very determined to stay together but it is hurting her more and more each day with the restrictions and hurtful words we get from them. Is there any way I can solve this and make them see the bigger picture, acceptance perhaps? Thank you for sharing your story with us and reaching out!

That must have taken a lot courage so I am glad that you did. It sounds like what you are experiencing is really awful and hurtful so it makes sense that you are confused at what to do. Maybe it could be a good idea for you to talk to her parents directly about what is going on? Or if that is too much, maybe coming around more to make yourself more known?

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What you are experiencing is prejudice, so you are definitely not at fault at all for your sexual orientation, and neither is your partner. That sounds like an incredibly stressful situation with your girlfriend and both of your families. If the two of you want to have a healthy relationship with each other, your families should not be getting in the way. You always have the right to cut off contact with your families if you want to choose to remain in the relationship but the stress of your family is causing it to suffer.

It sounds like they do not have very healthy boundaries and are not respecting your autonomy to choose your partner, which is absolutely your decision. That must have been such a difficult thing to experience, and should have been a time when you felt support from them rather than criticism and their desire for control over your life.

It must have been so hurtful that they used their death in order to push their agenda on your relationship. It sounds like your situation with them is very complicated, and it may be helpful for you to reach out and contact us directly so that we can talk through it and help you with processing it and figuring out what the best options are for yourself. So me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and a half. We met at work where he was my manager. I left that job so we could date without having an issue at work.

This is not a relationship out of rebellion. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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Thank you for sharing your situation with us! In Keeping Your Relationship a Secret from your mom, it may be important to keep in mind that the information that the two of you are dating may come out at some point.

Being able to choose how that information is shared with your mom may be helpful. A difference in age does not mean that the relationship is inherently unhealthy, but there can be some red flags of unhealthy behavior that it may be helpful to be aware of, some of which are addressed in this article: You deserve to have your choices respected, and ultimately, the way that you choose to move forward with this is something that only you can decide. He is 32 doing his own Bussiness.

He is from india. I spoke to the whole family of his. Been 10 months n v liked each other so finally his mom asked me to tell my parents regarding our relationship and I approached and told my parents. At first my dad agreed n spoked to his mom and ask them to come malaysia. Before that my dad asked one of his friend to check on their background. It was positive about their family but then he said they are not that well to do family.

But actually it is a fault statement because he jus started his Bussiness 2 years back and manage to buy apartments, land and his own car. Upper middle class family.

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I argued and for past 2 days I never eat and sleep so, my dad decided to call the family again for my sake cause they already booked the tickets and I felt bad. They came and when they are here my parents cooked dinner, had birthday celebration for his mom and they spoked nicely.

And our status is different than yours and was so rude to them. Moreover, my partner wanted to talk personally but my dad never gave him a chance to talk. All my other family people liked the family very much but only dad disagree. Both of us are so in love. I know I will be happy wit him n his family. And I need to convince my dad and he even humiliated his family and they are so sad and upset. My dad is arranging someone else for me.