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Loved Razzy Viktor sister. Book 9 This is 9th book in Tilly Taiden paranormal dating agency series. Karel is Alyx's head of security and a panther. Karel mother becomes suddenly ill and her last dying wish is to see him mated and making cubs. Karel convinces Gerri to help him find a mate. Gerri hasn't been on earth a while with helping Alyx, Brecc Eros find mates. Karel decides to come to earth to see Gerri but as he's walking out of the lift he bumps into his mate Liz.

This story is really good. Couldn't put it down. Liz and Karel relationship is very very quick and develops in no time at all but still feels natural.

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Karel is very romantic and expresses himself in really sweet ways. I love this really short story about the bakery owner Aurelis and her fated mate Reed how mated and married her within a couple of days then broke up because of huge life changing differences. But 5yrs later Reed wants to try and get his mate back.

Love that old clients of Gerri's come into story and we get to see the after HEA. Loved that all books have been on Amazon unlimited kindle and save a fortune not having to pay for separate books. Book 10 This is 10th book in the Milly Taiden series paranormal dating agency. Talen is a bear clean leader and struggling to control his childish brother.

Cassie is Gerri's new assistant and when Gerri takes her to aurora nova to meet the lion king queen and new babies that's when Talen finds Cassie and instead of explaining anything to her she thinks it's a one night stand. This has a lot of misunderstanding between Talen and Cassie. Talen has to do some serious grovelling and explaining.

Love a change of pace for this last book in series. Great HEA for all books in series. All free on the Amazon unlimited kindle customers. See all 4 reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Just finished reading Scaling Her Dragon. What a great story.

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Vikter and Becca are an amazing pair, and of course, there's the whole Dragon thing. Who doesn't love dragons, right? Can't wait to read the next book.

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I love this addition to the PDA series. Anyway back to the story. I love this one. Karel has been a great character since the first time he was introduced and I love that he got his own story.

Twice The Growl

Liv is a perfect match for him. I really enjoyed the fact that while there may have been less steam this time there was more excitement. I mean first Tiana and then the mystery woman and then that ending. I really can't wait to read the next book! I really enjoyed this story. I loved being able to catch up with some of the past couples and hearing where their relationships were at.

I also really like learning about Auri and Reed. They are an adorable couple and I can't wait to hear if they do indeed get those babies they want. I can't wait to read more of the PDA series. Talen and Cassie are amazing. I know, I know. I've said that before but it's just as true this time as it was the others. Talen is a broody alpha clan leader who had been denying himself and his bear a chance to mate. He heads to the palace of King Alyx to celebrate the birth of his and Queen Bella's three cubs. While there he meets Cassie. Cassie is a Beautiful and independent women with curves to love.

However, due to some recent issues with her ex-husband she is leery of men and relationships in general. After taking a job for Gerri Wilder as her newest assistant, she gets the offer to visit an alien planet full of shifters. Even though she thinks Gerri is insane, and in need of a padded room and tightly fitting white jacket, she accepts the offer and travels to Nova Aurora, where she meets Talen.

After an amazing night together she gets the wrong impression and leaves. Now , that's all I'm going to tell you. If you want to know more about their amazing together or whether Talen manages to talk the sassy earth girl back into his arms, then you are just gonna have to read the book. Let me tell you, you won't be sorry you did. Just finished volume 3. I love this whole series because each story is complete on its own. There are connections from one story to another but you do not have to read them in a specific order to enjoy them.

So if you like books with a little excitement and drama and a lot of spice dive right in and have some fun.

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